your style and your space evolve over time  

This is a process of defining your style. Our first step is looking at what you own and love, and identifying the qualities these objects share. As we discover those qualities, we will create a map for your style to grow and change over time. You will keep some pieces forever; some will stay for now; others are ripe for change. 

know where to spend

Beautifully designed spaces are not reserved for the wealthy. Style is about making smart choices, not always the most expensive ones. We will work together to identify where you should consider a splurge and where you can save without sacrificing quality.

have fun, and take chances

I love design, and I enjoy helping others find inspiration. Let me help you discover yours—and maybe push you a little, in the process. Why settle for a furniture store showroom when you can inhabit a curated space that’s all your own? Your home and the pieces inside should invite people to ask for the story behind them.

find balance

Space left open can say as much as space that is occupied. You should love every piece you add to your home, and know where it works for you. There is no need to add clutter.